Digital Marketing Offer at IPG expands

IPG Marketing Solutions is proud to announce our Digital Marketing offering has expanded to supply our customers with the resource to drive traffic to their online presence. Our new Search Engine Marketing offering is able to put your business at the top of Google Search Results Pages (SERP) for your business related search terms/keywords. We take you through the process and provide reporting that will make your measurement of your online success easy.

Google has been proven over and over as the preferred Search tool for most of today’s online search.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You may have a brilliant website, but can people find your site by searching for your products or services online? Would you like to expand your reach?

There are multiple ways to get people to find your site. The fastest way to do this will be SEM. This is a valuable marketing resource and needs constant monitoring and adjustment to optimise your ROI. We offer this service to our clients at very competitive rates. Your online marketing budget will be in direct correlation to your returns.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Another avenue with long term results and ongoing success is SEO. This is where your website is optimised in such a way that your site gets indexed “organically” for the keywords related to your business. This is a long investment and ongoing effort and should be your priority as well.

Social Marketing Presence

Your company is either at the forefront of social presence or it is ignoring it like a crab in a shell. We are ambassadors of the first and have all the ideas and designs available to make your social presence professional and engaging. The power of social media lies in your brand and your business offering. If you have value to offer, the market will respond. We utilise channels appropriate to your business and products/services and help you set up channels and engagement.

Why is Digital Marketing so advantageous to businesses?

We’re focused on ROI + results. All strategies and decisions are determined by data, and continued testing and optimisation. No other form of marketing allows so much information and measurement.

We excel at working with large data sets and dynamic AdWords and SEO solutions. We bring together a wide range of experience across all online marketing channels whether your business is promoting a wide range of products or stores or a small number of products. We’re hands on, with skills in development, data analysis, and all digital channels.

A/B Testing – We can run A/B tests on the site to optimise for conversion rate and lead generation, giving you the best result by measurement.

Snap service and turn key solutions by IPG Marketing Solutions.

Brendale – Aug 3, 2017

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Get your business started in SEO, from as little as $500 per month.

  1. 10 x locally optimised keywords
  2. Setup with Google My Business and listing on all major Search Engines
  3. Website onsite optimisation
Rank for your niche, location and service offering by getting links to your website on page 1 of Google for localised keywords.


AdWords Management – per project pricing.


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