IPG Connect

Through a simple shopping cart user interface with a powerful database and full integration to our production and delivery systems, you can see specific quantities and distribution history of all your print materials. As well as order short run Print On Demand items.

Printing can be arranged by simply logging into your online account and setting up your own artwork from one of your saved templates. Select your quantities and order the printing to be completed by IPG.

Fast, Easy and Cost Effective.

IPG Marketing Solutions uses custom built software systems (IPG Connect) developed in-house as part of our Print Management Solution to enable clients to manage their inventory in a cost effective manner.

  • It’s fast and available 24 hours per day
  • Allows customisation of products such as business cards
  • Immediate validation of your order
  • Various approval levels (if required)
  • Credit card payments or invoiced to your account

This scenario may be familiar:

  • A new staff member urgently needed a business card
  • Your current product catalogues show out of stock or deleted lines
  • Your brochures are missing your latest offers
  • POS Displays are out of date
  • A branch office needs more sales materials.

The system can be rolled out for use by a central procurement department or to any number of branches nationwide (with an approval process if required). This ensures control over your brand integrity as well as controlling purchase quantity allowing a full range of reports to show usage patterns and identify cost savings.

Speak to one of our Business Development managers to arrange your IPG Connect account. 



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