Window Decals adhere to any glass surface and can be used internally and externally. Best for branding, directing, marketing or advertising, this non to semi-permanent signage solution is cost effective and quick to install.

Window decals can be used for many different purposes, in retail, office and professional settings. Their purpose can be entertaining, informational, educational, directional, promotional or a call to action.

Let us help you choose the right materials taking into account how long you want the decals to last, how much weather they will be exposed to and distance for viewing, while ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your branding and surrounding area.

To print the best Window Decals you need the best machinery and new technology stocks to produce your work of art.

At IPG we proud ourselves in the investment we do in ensuring our clients get the best quality decals printed and cut in house with our wide format printing equipment.

The window decal is a semi-permanent media that needs to wow the onlooker and enhance it’s surrounds. IPG also can arrange installation services for decals.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Cut

Ideal for simple designs and single colours.

Digitally Printed

The best option for full colour detailed graphics.


Should you require decals for privacy, frosted decals may help in creating a light and secure privacy screen, made with etched glass adhesive.

How much does window decals cost?

Window decal printing are priced per square metre, based on the type of material you select. We will be discussing this with you in detail so you can choose the right option for the application. Glass Decals have endurance and can last for up to seven years depending on application. Low maintenance and easy to install, these are an effective and good looking way to advertise your brand.

See our portfolio for examples of our work.

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