SMS Services from IPG

SMS is a media used by most successful brands in Australia to communicate with their customers. IPG Marketing Solutions can provide SMS services to all of our customers, giving you even more ways to connect with your customers with targeted messaging direct from your database. Sending the right message to the right people, and at the right time and place, has never been easier.

Types of SMS

Marketing SMS

Send marketing, news, promotions, VIP sale information, or app download links via SMS to your customers.

Triggered SMS

Send and receive verification notices, customer appointment confirmations, verify new sign ups, reminders, competitions, surveys and more with triggered SMS.

Sending the right message to the right people, and at the right time and place, has never been easier.

Fast and effective at delivering targeted information direct to your customer.

Open rates are high, it is fast and effective communication.

Service Levels

Premium Service

This tier is suggested for corporate level clients.

  • IPGMS offer a world-class, enterprise-level digital marketing platform. It integrates with a range of existing data sources. It has powerful analytics, sophisticated automation, and patented optimisation technology.
  • For marketers, retailers and publishers, this is much more than a one-to-one communications tool. It’s a window to the future.
  • Streamline SMS and EDM delivery in one easy to manage platform for all staff
  • Smart templates
  • Data management, fully automated production and reporting systems, and seamless multichannel capabilities.
  • Premium integration services
  • Documentation and training provided

Regular Service

This tier is suggested to small and medium business with send volumes of up to 250k per annum.

  • No Setup Fees 
  • No Contracts
  • The more you use, the more you save 
  • Low price SMS 
  • Send as many EDMs as you like
  • 2 Way SMS
  • Reporting on delivery and opens
  • Database monthly fees apply

Our services are affordable, reliable, and can be tailored to your preferences.

Convenient Control

IPGMS understand that Business-2-Business integration can be a time consuming process. In an effort to speed up the process, we provide a Customised Web Portal Solution that combines the full suite of messaging services in one easy-to-navigate location, providing your staff with a quick and convenient platform to send content controlled and compliant ad-hoc communications.


1. Instant delivery to your target audience

2. Instant notification

3. Affordable way to promote your brand

4. To the point messaging

5.Easy to personalise & flexible

6. High deliverability rate

7. Direct mode of communication

8. Improved customer experience

9.Keeps your customers engaged

10. Drive traffic online


  1. Are you currently doing SMS/EDM marketing?
  2. On average, what is your monthly volume for each service?
  3. How do your customers opt-in or out of your digital marketing?
  4. How is your digital marketing currently managed? (internal employee / external company)
  5. Do you require both marketing & triggered SMS/Email?
  6. Are you familiar with data segmentation and targeted marketing?
  7. What data segments would you target based on your existing database?
  8. What kind of reporting do you require on your digital marketing?
  9. What is your budget allocation?
  10. What is a good time for one of our digital marketing experts to contact you to discuss further?

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Complying to spam rules

If you are sending marketing messages, it’s important to ensure your messages comply with Australian spam rules. The ACMA website has information for businesses to ensure they comply with the rules, however the two main rules to consider are:

  • Only send to people who opted in for your marketing communications. This can usually be done when they provide you their mobile number.
  • Ensure you tell customers how to opt-out of further marketing messages, either by providing a phone number to call, or by sending from a mobile number that can manage SMS replies. “Stop” is one of the words they can reply with to opt out.
  1. Visit the ACMA SPAM Website
  2. Download Spam Act 2003: A practical guide for business