SMS Marketing Campaigns

The benefit of SMS marketing is that it’s a direct and real time communication service.

Have you considered if your customers will respond well to SMS marketing from your business? Chances are they will, and if you are not using this resource, you are probably missing out on a valuable marketing strategy.

In all marketing plans, you have to weigh the pros and cons of the plan. Reaching customers in this way may have different reactions depending on the usefulness of the message. We all have recieved messages we just did not care about, and some we do.

It is a case by case investigation. Done right, it brings a top return on investment for your business.

Short message with excellent timing

SMS allow companies very little advertising space. Your message has to be “short and sweet” with a clear Call To Action at the applicable time. Smart phones allow for links and this affording you a direct visit to your website and product pages. (For example: Dinner time is great for the fast food industry to help out a tired home cook!)

Using a opt in list with a reputable provider is the only way to go about it. Without an opt out option you will be marked as spam and every effort gone to waste to send your message.

Be ready for your mobile customers

Emails and online forms just do not convert on smartphone screens with tiny keyboards, because it’s much easier to call or text.

Text marketing – Reach your customers directly

IPG Marketing can facilitate everything your business needs to build intelligent, sophisticated communications


Have you tried SMS marketing before? Do feel free to share your thoughts with us.


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