VDP – What is it?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is the process of bringing customisation to the text/images of individual pieces of a larger print job.

With VDP, you can deliver completely customised marketing that’s unique to target prospects. You can insert your recipient’s name, address, age, username – anything you know about them – right into the text of a printed piece. That personalised piece can be postcards, envelopes, coupons, brochures, reward mailers, and more.

Your data about your customers is your most powerful asset when it comes to variable printing and marketing. 

Variable data printing lets you personalise your marketing materials with all of the details you want to add for your customer. Industry statistics suggest that by using personalisation, you increase your customer response rate, thus increasing your bottom line.


Personalised Details Printed On Each Printed item. It’s Proven That Variable Data Works!

Variable inputs for customer name, location, numbers, usernames, codes and many more.

Personalised touch: With VDP, all of your marketing becomes personalised. Whether it be an invitation or a voucher, your customer will respond better to personalised correspondence.