Installing Decals and Wallpaper

To help make your SAV & Wallpaper installation process easier and ensure the best result, we have the following suggestions:

New Walls

The walls need to be prepared in a specific manner to ensure SAV’s will stick to them. Many paints on the market now have wash and wear characteristics, Teflon and /or latex added. These properties affect the adherence of a SAV to the paint surface. The painting contractor is free to paint the wall in whichever paint they choose but they must not have any of these characteristics.

It is becoming increasingly hard to find paint that does not have theses characteristics.

If in doubt, we recommend using Dulux Aquanamel Gloss. If the painter uses paint other than the paint specified, the installer will not be held accountable for failed installations.

(2) coats required. The walls will need to be wiped down before the 1st coat is applied to remove all dust from sanding, also they will need to have a light sanding after the 2nd coat of paint has dried to remove any small paint heads that may exist. This will allow for a high quality finish. The paint needs to have adequate drying time before we can install the SAV otherwise the out-gassing of the paint will affect the adhesive of the SAV and cause bubbling. A minimum of 72hrs drying time is required after the last coat has been applied.

Old Walls

For walls that have already been painted there are two (2) options:

  1. Paint over the old paint as specified above, or
  2. Seal the wall with a sealer that does not contain wash and wear, Teflon and /or latex characteristics. We recommend using Dulux Crystal Clear Gloss.

Please ensure that the sealer completely covers the entire area that the SAV will be laid including the edges. Two coats must be applied and 48 hrs dry time is required

Please note that the wall surface and paint finish is not the decal installer’s responsibility and if paint is removed from the wall during installation of the SAV due to the above guidelines not being followed then the installer will not be accountable for fixing the wall surface. We are happy to liaise with paint contractors at any time to ensure that we all get a great end result.

If unsure, please give us a call on 07 3817 6200.