Welcome to an overview of the IPG Connect system. The IPG Connect system is based on a philosophy of providing our customers with real-time information on demand. This coupled with a system that has been developed with customers specific needs takes online print management to the next level.


Developed totally in-house IPG Connect has the advantage of being developed by people that have expertise in the print and warehousing environment. IPG has invested considerable capital into both software development and hardware to bring the most comprehensive online print management system to market. IPG Connect is not a static system and we believe strongly in adding and improving features and functionality to meet customer’s needs. This has been the development strategy from day one and makes the IPG Connect system one of a kind.


IPG connect has many features and capabilities. Cost centres contain products, users, approvers and administrators, allowing users to move from cost centre to cost centre. Cost centres may have individual branding, along with administrator messaging. The products area contains inventory, business card and brochure creation and print on demand items. Inventory is a fully realtime straight through system. Our warehouse and despatch team will receive a list of your goods as soon as an order is placed. The business card system is a full proof on demand template based online artwork creation system. With fully customisable logic, individual fields can be checked and even adjusted real time to your requirements.



Cost centres provide a structure to the system. A user can access any number of cost centres if authorised. Each cost centre can have one Approver and multiple Administrators.


  • Approvers receive orders before they are sent to us. These can either be approved or denied. The approver can include a message to the user at this time.
  • Approvers can re-assign their approving capability to another user and revoke later. This is a great feature when an Approver is on annual leave.
  • There are certain times when items need approving by a different person. This is accomplished by sending a specific shopping cart to a different Approver.
  • Approvers will receive an email whenever an order is sent for approval. The Approver can also see orders waiting for approval on the cost centre page.


  • Administrators have access to advanced reporting.
  • Each cost centre can have unlimited Administrators, which is great for local, state, national overview.
  • Administrators can set a cost centre message informing cost centre members of important information.
  • Administrators can see a list of users and there email addresses in the Admin Tools area.
  • Administrators can manage cost centre addresses.


  • Super Administrators have access to companywide reporting along with custom reporting features.


With full integration into our business systems, IPG Connect provides customers with real-time inventory information. Features of our inventory system are;

  • Real-time stock on hand information, providing instant and accurate quantities.
  • Inventory images updated automatically without user intervention providing customers with the fastest and most accurate real-time updates.


Custom templates let users make and proof their own artwork online instantly.

  • Easily manage your template data with a database driven solution making ordering business cards for example extremely quick and easy.
  • Flexible template logic provides outstanding solutions for custom formatting of individual fields including drop down data choice, read only fields and any number of custom requirements.
  • Variable image upload and replacement to further customise your template.


The variable data module allows you to upload a .csv file and merge the data into template based artwork. You can instantly create and proof a fully press ready PDF within seconds. This module can be customised to your requirements.


  • Reports and ordering history are paramount to managing inventory.
  • Some of the reporting features;
  • Three levels of reports
    • User (User only)
    • Cost Centre (Administrator)
    • Company (Company Administrator)
  • Instant stock report with CSV download feature.
  • Automated low level stock report email.
  • Custom reports available.


  • Custom branding available at cost centre level.
  • Up to 4 custom fields per cost centre at order time.
    • Record any information you need.
    • Force users to enter information.
  • Easily add new addresses for recall next time.
  • PCI DSS compliant asymmetric 2,048 bit RSA encrypted credit card processing.
  • Build Quote feature
    • Build a quote online
    • Save quote
    • Recall quote
    • Send quote
  • Integrated file upload
    • Alternative to using complex FTP to send us your art files.
    • Easy browse and upload.
    • Notification mails are sent to your IPG Connect customer service representative once files have finished uploading