Noticing Posters Everywhere? It is because they work!

There is no shopping mall or local store without them. Posters are used daily on the walls and windows of businesses throughout Australia. The size of posters are not limited anymore, and technology has provided us with solutions tailored to the needs of modern business. Posters are known for vibrant designs and marketing messages with a hint of humour or extra thought into the message.  Posters are informative, when well designed, has enough impact to persuade action.

IPG Marketing Solutions is not only able to help you design your marketing message, but also have capability to produce a vast range of sizes and finishes at a speed that will work along your deadlines.

Uses for posters

  • Poster Light Boxes
  • Wall posters
  • Indoor posters
  • Outdoor posters
  • Floor Posters (adhesives)
  • UV resistant posters
  • Block out window posters
  • See through window posters
  • One way vision posters

Sizes Available: A00, A0, A1, A2 and A3 and custom sizes

No minimum or maximum quantities, with a high level of automation from order to dispatch including computerised cutting of the finished posters, we are leaders in delivering wide format products.

Speak to our friendly sales team about the options available to you.



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